HomeRight Finish Max

Home Right C800766 Finish Max Sprayer is one of the finest of its kind that is available in the market, and as the name suggests, it gives one hell of an excellent finish to even the normal paint jobs.


The Home Right Finisher airless paint sprayer has pretty appreciable features that include:

  • Spray Control for adjusting the spray pattern while spraying
  • Gives diversified three spray patterns – horizontal, vertical and circular. You can choose the best suited for your job as per your requirements.
  • The spray needle is made of brass and housing has been done. This means that the gun is a durable and enhanced performance.
  • It weighs not more than 3.35 pounds. It is a bit heavy but is still quite comfortable for indoor jobs that do not require long hours of spraying.
  • It has a 27-ounce container.

As the name tag of the gun already suggests, the gun has been designed to operate under high volume and low-pressure ranges.


The spray control gives a brilliant finish to work. The user can choose from the different spray patterns available and thus can complete a wide variety of pattern works easily. As compared to the counterpart guns, the HomeRight finisher gives better performance and provides even coating to work. As reported by various happy users, no extra brush marks or unwanted overspray is left behind, making the cleanup process faster and easier. The finishing and evenness of work are comparable to professional quality.


There are almost no problems with the HomeRight Finish. Although, certain users have reported a design flaw in the plastic lid in the container due to which the spray stops for thick materials. Even though it works well for finishing, delicate jobs just can’t be handled with this gun, making it unfit for professional works.

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