Grizzly H7666

Grizzly H7666 is a professional cut spray gun with the low-pressure, low volume tag, meaning that it will operate under low pressure and does not require much of air for efficient deliverance.


The Grizzly H7666 Pro LVLP spray gun as mentioned is a low-pressure, low volume designed gun, which can operate with a lesser capacity of cups and not so high powered motors. Some of the key features of the Grizzly H766 pro LVLP spray gun are as follows:

  • Low operating pressure, measuring between a range of 28 to 50 PSI approximately.
  • The whole package dimensions that would box the gun are 6 x 9.2 x 5 inches.
  • The gun is quite lightweight as it has been made from light material and the package thus does not weigh more than 2.1 lbs.

Low volume low-pressure tech used in the gun helps in achieving high transfer rate, and the efficiency is multiplied manifold. Not to forget, the gun has gravity feed plastic cup which allows leveling of fluid and monitoring too.


The best benefits of the gun so far include the increased efficiency due to the inclusion of low volume low-pressure tech. The gun as reported by most of the users has a significantly minimum amount of overspray which helps in maintaining the quality of work. As it is quite a featherweight commodity, you can only imagine how easy it would be to work with this gun as it does not make you tired during long, tedious hours of the paint job.


Even though it has some pretty amazing features, it can not be neglected that this spray gun could use some really good modifications like the control knobs and some changes to bring in more durability. Apart from these, the spray gun works fine.

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