Graco-Sharpe FX1000

Graco comes up with another of its brilliant products in the HVLP or the high volume low-pressure line with that tech that surely increases the productivity and delivers efficiency, high performance and increases the delivery rate.


The Graco Sharpe 289200A Mini HVLP is a minigun that is much smaller as compared to the size of other guns. It is a gun based on the principle of HVLP, and hence it can be said that it has been specially engineered to work on low pressure and have a high delivery rate. Some of the other features offered by the gun are as follows:

  • The gun is FX 1000 gun which has a small cup for the paint
  • The capacity of the cup is 125 cc, ample for a minigun.
  • The gun is given along with the wrench and cleaning brush that facilitate easy clean up after the job has been done.
  • The gun has quite large a pattern size for its small size. The pattern size has been measured to be around 9 inches.
  • The gun is quite the conventional design with 1.0 mm standard pin
  • The gun has been made in a manner so that it is ultra light and compact to allow easily handling in any project being completed.


There are many advantages of using the Graco Sharpe 289200A Mini HVLP, one of them being that it enhances productivity, efficiency and increases the delivery rate facilitating faster completion of a project that saves your time. Also, a great amount of precision is achieved with this gun. It has better maneuverability, control and stunning and even finishes.


Graco Sharpe 289200A Mini HVLP does not face any performance issue, but the very small size of the paint cup results in a refilling of the cup again and again. Not only this, the gun is light but can sometimes be difficult to control while being used with heavy paint applicants.

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