Graco-Sharpe 288880 HVLP FX3000 Paint Spray Gun

I initially bought another spray gun at a discount. I could not get the job done with it and I have made a total mess. Afterward, I decided to try the Graco-Sharpe.

Even though I cannot call my jobs professional, I have plenty of experience in painting cars. I have been doing this for thirty years and now I am only using one type of paint: single stage urethane. I read some HVLP paint sprayer reviews and I decided that it is either this one or a Devilbiss Finishline 3.

I decided to go for the Sharpe and I was happy with the delivery time and the condition in which I have received it.

Unfortunately, it comes without a controller and this is something you definitely need for the 29-psi setting. I was satisfied with the pattern it creates. Until now, I have not used it on any metallic paint, but since it worked great with a firm color, I have no reasons to doubt it.

I recommend this gun because it is simple to employ, easy to clean and it has a very good balance.

The Graco gun does a good job and provides good value for its money. The spray is qualitative and the gun is perfect for beginners in the paintwork. Since I used to have a Sata for painting jobs, I will not say that this one is engineered better. However, considering its cost, I am happy with its quality.

The gun is very easy to clean, but first, you have to take the fluid nozzle off and this can be tricky. Instead of using the supplied tool to get the fluid nozzle off, use a 19 mm socket and a half an inch racket.

This will get the job done without damaging the nozzle. Make sure you squeeze the trigger while doing this in order to avoid damage. Other than this, I had no problem with this gun.

I also have to mention that the customer service from Amazon and Graco were great. They all worked with me in order to get the problem with the fluid nozzle solved without actually damaging it.

I had to do a painting job on a motorcycle and a car and I have decided to buy the FX 3000 for it. I tried to get the job done at a minimum cost, so at first, I have bought a 3-gun set from TPC Global. It is sold in numerous stores for less than $100. Unfortunately, I could not get the job done with the set.

All I could was applying a base coat on the motorcycle. Then I had to separate colors, so I shot several clear coats. It was not what I had in mind and it looked less than perfect. I decided to go to the FX 3000 because it was recommended to me by a professional.

It is very easy to use and I obtained the look I wanted. In only give it four stars, because I have never used a professional gun and I cannot compare them. Nevertheless, I am truly happy with my FX 3000.

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