Fuji 2894-T75G Q4

The Fuji 2894 T75G Q4 Quiet Spray system is an entirely innovative yet uniquely designed spray gun that has an added specialty of having a silent turbine resulting in less noise as compared to other models by FujiSpray.


The 2894 T75G Q4 is an HVLP paint sprayer, which means that it works with high volume and low pressure ensuring high efficiency as well as greater delivery rate. Some of the key features of the gun are as follows:

  • Professional Spray Gun features convenient side Pattern Control Knob to adjust the size of fan pattern from small to large
  • The spray gun is a non-bleed lightweight build model that has been designed ergonomically with a stay-cool handle for convenience. It also prevents heating up of the device.
  • Metal Turbine case with handy gun holder to make the whole paint operation more convenient.
  • The spray control kit has a 25ft Hose which includes an air control valve that helps in reducing overspray and bounce back.
  • A quiet turbine as a part of FujiSpray‚Äôs patented noise reduction feature.
  • Thus the gun is the best bet with the given price range, and hence it provides with the most in the given amount of money.


As it works on high volume low pressure, the gun gives you one of the best efficiency and delivery rates possible. Also, the gun has been made with quite a convenient handle to ease the operation. The gun has a patented silenced turbine tech which works well in reducing the noise that was usually present in the models MM3 and MM4. Also, the gun is quite durable as reported by most of the users.


Even though it is laced with pretty amazing features and there is no provision for a performance glitch, there is a drawback present. The user cannot use thick paints with this particular model.

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