Fuji 2804-T75G Mini-Mite 4 – T75G

Fuji Spray is a premium brand when it comes to the product line of paint applicators. Yes, the 2804 T75G Mini-Mite 4 spray system is an upgrade for 2803 MM3 or Mini-Mite 3 which was very efficient and was able to achieve high delivery rate indeed.


Even though it has gone under redesigns, the basic functionality and features of the 2804 T75G Mini-Mite 4 spray system have been kept quite as same as the previous model, the Mini Mite 3. Some of the notable features are as follows:

  • It includes a pattern control knob that can adjust the fan size from large to small.
  • The turbine used in the MM4 is not as same as the 3 stage turbine in MM3. The one used in MM4 is more powerful and is a 4 stage working device.
  • The MM4 does not have noise reduction facility like the MM3 although it was redesigned from the basic Q line models, but as it works on the HLVP principle, it does save time and money as it delivers high efficiency and delivery rate.
  • The MM4 Turbine can develop a pressure up to 8.5 PSI. Such high pressure is enough to use any of the coating material, no matter how thick it is.
  • The paint cup used in this model measures 600 ccs and the cap is set at 1.3 mm for the sole purpose of fine finishing.


The MM4 is not as cheap as the other models, but it is the best bet when compared with the ones priced as same in the other brands. Thus, it is in a way, cost-effective as it gives you more in less money. It has high efficiency and high delivery rate that helps you finish the task faster.


Unfortunately, a few issues have been reported with the usage of the MM4 spray system, the common ones being that it makes a lot of noise and the overspray sometimes is too messy to be cleaned up quickly.

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