DeVilbiss GFG670

Devilbiss is perhaps the perfect company to look out for if you are looking to buy an affordable gun to use it only a few times round the year to complete the paint tasks in time with great efficiency. The DeVilbiss (GFG670) Plus High-Efficiency Gravity Feed Spray Gun is just the product you need to do so.


Devilbiss has been coming up with quite some great features in its designs and spray guns to stay with the stand of big names like Wagner and Iwata. Undoubtedly, the high-efficiency GFG 670 unleashes the best of efficient qualities from Devilbiss, with key features as follows:

  • 32oz aluminum cup for paint with push provided on the lid
  • Air consumption of the gun is estimated to be 9 CFM at standard 30 PSI inlet pressure.
  • The pressure of the air cap exceeds easily 10 PSI
  • The gun has been engineered in a manner to achieve high precision with #410 air cap that lays out a smooth, high gloss finish
  • The gun also achieves high-speed coverage and saves time
  • It has a 20% larger spray pattern as compared to other guns and 15% more fluid flow than traditional air spray or reduced pressure guns. This is possible due to new air cap and tip design in the GFG 670.


With the cutting-edge tech in play and HVLP coming into the light, unarguably the GFG 670 achieves high efficiency and delivery rate. The cleanup process is almost like a cakewalk due to the new appearance and redesigned gun body. The time taken to make refills with the gun is less, and hence it saves time in almost every aspect of the paint job. Moreover, it is waterborne compatible and hence can be used with a variety of solvent products.


Even though there are almost none performance glitches and the gun works absolutely in a brilliant manner, some of the users have complained that the durability has been compromised in the GFG 670.

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