DeVilbiss 802405 StartingLine

DeVilbiss 802405 StartingLine HVLP is another one of the fines quality sprayer guns that are produced by the company Devilbiss. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most affordable and well-functioning guns in the given price range.


After getting to its specialties and multi-needle facility, Devilbiss has come up with a major design change in 802405 that uses HVLp or high volume low-pressure tech to achieve greater delivery rate and higher efficiency. Some of the key features of the gun are as follows:

  • The gun is a StartingLine Detail, and Touch-Up specialized HVLP Gravity Spray Gun that is going to be consistent right from the start and deliver the finest quality product.
  • It comes with a 1.0mm Fluid tip and an 8.5 oz ME along with the mini size GVLP gravity feed.
  • The gun includes 1 Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • The 1.0mm pin set-up is quite suitable for on the go and Spot Repairs with the application of a variety of coatings
  • The gun is packed and sent along with cleaning Brush and Maintenance Wrench.

The 30 PSI inlet pressure delivers 10 PSI at the air cap, and the air consumption of the spray gun is measured to be 8 CFM under standard ratings.


The gun is quite consistent in its functioning, removing any possibility for ambiguous patterns in spraying. Not only this, the cleaning equipment sent with the gun itself comes in handy and makes the cleaning process of the spray gun faster and easier. A variety of coatings can be used, and on the spot, repairs can be done with the gun.


There have been no such performance issues with the gun. Some of the parts might not function properly after they have been used for quite some time. Overall, it can be used a few times around the year.

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