Critter Spray Products 22032 review

I am happy with the Critter product, and I consider it a good choice for small painting jobs, which are usually done with a brush, or a spray can. I used it for applying finishes on patio furniture and woodworks, and it worked well. I recommended to other people because it can be used easily and it cleans up very fast.

However, it also has some problems, at least from my point of view. I am very annoyed with a design problem that could have been avoided. For reasons I do not understand, the manufacturer decided to apply paint on the frame of the gun. This is a terrible choice, because the paint does not adhere to metal, so it comes very easy. It scratches off very easily and it gets all over the place.

There is no way that it does not contaminate your paint and, as a result, some white enamel I was using turned into light blue enamel. Petroleum-based solvents will not solve the problem because the paint smears. It is best to remove the paint with water-based paint stripper before using the gun for the first time. Anyway, my opinion is that there should not be any paint on the gun.

Another problem I noticed is related to the gun’s balance. When you put it in a jar, it tips over when the jar is almost empty. The hook for hanging it when you are not using it is very useful.

The third problem I encountered is not the manufacturer’s fault. For the solvent-based finish, do not use jars with rubber seals. Go for those with a fiber gasket or a cork because the rubber dissolves and contaminates your finish.

For the reasons mentioned above, I have only rated the product with four stars. Nevertheless, it is still a good gun to get the work done.

I have used the Critter gun for all sorts of finishes, both inside and outside the house. I like the low price, the fact that you can change colors fast and the fact that you can clean the gun easily. In order to do a good job, you have to use some thinner on the finish.

The small jars are annoying, but I mix enough finish for a few jars and I am good to go for half an hour. Those who said the paint clogs should know that if they do not use thinner, this happens regardless of the gun they use. Therefore, the clogging is not a problem that the manufacturer could have prevented.

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