How to choose the paint sprayer for indoor use

Well, if you are looking to buy your kit of spraying and your paint sprayer for painting your fence or outdoor wall or maybe coating the furniture, you do need to know what to look for. For experienced customers, this would not be tough at all, but for the first timers, you should know exactly how you should choose your paint sprayer for indoor use.

What to keep in mind?


The name sells. Unarguably, a company that has made its name and has already established a relationship of trust between itself and all its customers should be the first choice as they were able to do so only by the quality of their product, service as well as their availability. Reliability can be an issue, and thus you should not hesitate to spend a few extra bucks to get a better machine.


The next important factor is the output which is measured in GPM or gallons per minute. The output rate will help in determining the overall speed of the machine and thus its credibility and efficiency too.


The driving motor of the spray gun machine needs to be powerful and controllable to get the desired outputs.

Tip size:

The tip size is also an important factor as it would be measured in inches and we need to know the diameter of the tip so that effective coverage, as well as overspray, can be controlled.

Also, do consider the following points too so that you can narrow down from a series of available products to the best available option and make an intelligent choice:

  • Type of products to be tackled
  • Materials of the surface being painted
  • The area and length of the surface being painted
  • The thickness of the paint being used
  • The frequency of the projects for which the sprayer will be used.

Best paint sprayers for indoor use

Some of the paint sprayers that are already selling like hot cakes and are the best for indoor use are:

Wagner Paint READY system

Wagner Paint READY systemThis product by the Wagner Corp. has almost all of the basic things that an indoor paint sprayer has to have. It is one of the best paint sprayers for interiors because this sprayer is an HVLP gun, i.e., High-Pressure low Volume gun. The original iSpray system and spray nozzle allow you to blow paint evenly and more smoothly.

Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer

Paint Zoom Paint SprayerThe product Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer allows you to paint much like any professional. The ease of operating this product is appreciable, and the finishing it offers is a work of art in itself. The high-end technology and the composition of the machine system allow the users to spray paint without missing an inch of the total intended surface. The sprayer is best available for every surface indoors because of its flat even finishing and controlled output over-sprays.

Wagner 0518050 Control Spray Double Duty Paint Sprayer

Wagner 0518050The Wagner double duty spray painter product offers you a great range of versatile options as it comes with three exquisite patterns of spraying and a control lever. The control lever of the trigger would help you in producing patterns that might range from 1 to 10 inches. It is again a high volume, low-pressure type of sprayer that is one of the best for interiors and can be easily shifted from indoor to outdoor setting. The lock and go technology of the system will help you in easy cleaning after the paint task has been completed. The system will help you to perform the whole point job faster and in a very easy manner.

Wagner Flexio 590

Wagner Flexio 590The Wagner Flexio 590 system is not just an ideal airless type sprayer, but it is also one of the best sprayers for both the indoor and outdoor uses. The Wagner Flexio 590 model can be used for painting projects of various types. The powerful features of this paint spray are enough to achieve a smooth and fine finish that gives a brilliant touch to the final product. It apart from being powerful enough is also light and very easy to use. The patented iSpray system and nozzle can spray a variety of paints, especially unthinned ones both in-door and outdoors.

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