Central pneumatic spray gun

High-pressure Gravity Feed spray, as the name suggests is one of its kind HVLP spray gun that can operate on high pressure as compared to its counterpart models, making it a perfect choice for faster work completion.


The spray gun has been applauded for its best combination of paint and air pressure working together to achieve unique patterns. The high-pressure working allows it to use most of the oil-based paints without any difficulty.

Not only this, the gravity feed spray gun has an adjustable fan pattern that can help you adjust the shape and speed of the pattern being made along with the volume control for adjusting the amount of air and paint being blown out.

Not only this, it is equipped with a barbed inlet fitting for a smoother spray of thicker oil based paints. The feed spray gun comes with a cleaning kit to clear the extra spray or overspray.


One of the best benefits, as reported by the users, is that the gun uses less paint to finish the same job, as compared to other guns. It has a high penetrating power in a lesser value of operating pressure, which makes it more efficient and it thus does the job better and faster.

The needle and nozzle as coated with silicon can make the gun go on and on without any hindrance as the interior remains protected. It can spray anything except for latex and what more; it allows the user to adjust the flow as well as a pattern according to his will.


Nothing is perfect, and there have been a few reported problems with the spray guns such as the loose cover. The loose cover causes leakage of paint, adding to the mess and sometimes, plastic from the plastic cup peels off gradually with time.

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