Can-Gun 1 2012 Premium review

I have bought the Can-Gun 1 from a local TSC store. It was sold under the Valspar brand name, and it was priced at only several dollars. It is supposed to be placed on top of a spray can and to hold in place until you take it off.

Besides the fact that it does this, it also has a very comfortable handler. Even persons with smaller hands can use it comfortably. It has a four-finger trigger and this is very safe. It is easier to use than other types of triggers and it reduces the fatigue in your hand. The trigger can also be used by righties and lefties alike.

I am using this device several times a week. As of now buying it, doing the same job was very tiring. Pressing the trigger with only my index finger was painful. I had to stop every ten minutes. Now I have finished work faster and I enjoy it more. I have only used Rust-Oleum products so far, but the Can-Gun 1 is much better.

I have never used a spray can to handle previously. This was my first time trying such a product and I was skeptical. Nevertheless, I thought it might make my work easier and more fun, so I decided to try it even though I do not have a physical problem that requires it.

I was not sure if the device would really keep the can in place, but apparently, it does. Once you fix the can, it does not go out until you remove it. I was also skeptical concerning the four finger trigger.

I thought it would not be as easy to control and as accurate as a one or two finger trigger. In fact, it works just fine. The Can-Gun 1 surprised me in a very pleasant manner. I went outside to try it and I have finished a can. The trigger is excellent and I like using it more than other types of triggers. Even though the plastic is very light, the can does not go out.

More than that, the device does not add extra weight to the can. I have noticed that a few customers rated the product lower, but the manufacturer stepped in and honored the lifetime warranty.

I could have bought a similar device made in China for the same money, but I am glad I did not. I cannot always buy local products, but when I can, I prefer them to their Chinese counterparts.

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