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Stripping the paint of metal can be a daunting task. Numerous products on the market can help you remove the coating efficiently and rapidly; this article will focus on one particular product, and that is liquid paint remover. We will discuss who should try this product, why you should use it and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the liquid paint remover.

Moreover, we will present you with the ten best liquid paint strippers, and focus on their most prominent features. Alas, we will end the article with the concise conclusion, where we’ll announce the winner of our list. We hope that the article will not only help you pick the optimal product but also help you learn more about paint strippers and their proper use.

Things To Keep In Mind

Before you dive into our top ten list, we would advise you to read the questions below. Their purpose is to provoke, inspire and question your current attitude towards painting, paint removing and liquid paint strippers.

  • Do you usually remove paint with chemicals or physically (with sandpaper, scraper, etc)?
  • Are you seeking of indoor or outdoor remover?
  • How big is the surface you intend to clean?
  • Did you ever use the chemical paint stripper?
  • How often do you paint/repaint?

Best Products

Citri-Strip ECG73807 Paint Remover – Compact, Efficient, And Beginner-Friendly

Citri-Strip ECG73807Citri-Strip ECG73807 is 17-ounce aerosol paint and varnish remover. The remover is compact, light, elegantly designed and simple to use. It is a potent and quality paint stripper, made in the USA.

Citri-Strip ECG73807 features eco-friendly, biodegradable formula, safe for you and the environment. The product is non-caustic, non-hazardous and doesn’t contain methylene chloride.

This all-around paint remover can be applied to metal, wood and even masonry material, fit for removing lacquer, oil-based paint, epoxy, and many other substances. Most importantly, the remover penetrates deep beneath the initial paint layers, and as such removes up to seven coats of paint.

Use it to remove the paint of the furniture, doors, metal surfaces and so forth. We recommend it to people who are inexperienced with paint removing because Citri-Strip ECG73807 is compact and simple to use. We also recommend to people who need to remove multilayer coatings.

Purchasing one can of this remover is inexpensive, but I doubt it would be sufficient to remove the coating of medium or large surfaces. This is, in my opinion, its only downside.

  • biodegradable, no toxic fumes
  • efficient all-surface remover
  • compact, elegantly designed and made in the USA
  • beginner-friendly
  • spraying tin contains only 17 ounces of stripping liquid

Jasco QJBP00202 – Powerful And Rapid

Jasco QJBP00202Jasco QJBP00202 is 1-quart premium paint remover, made in the USA, used for removing paint and epoxy of multiple surfaces, including metal, wood, concrete, masonry and so forth.

This remover is extremely powerful, capable of removing paint, lacquer, oil-based paint, urethane, etc. By default, the product comes in a 1-quart bucket, though you could order less or more (one pint, 1-gallon, 5- gallon, even 7-gallon.

This powerful remover is fit for both home and professional use. It comes in a viscose, gel form, and doesn’t inspire oxidation. What this means is that you can apply the gel on the surface and leave it for days, but it still won’t attract rust or dust.

Good news is that you don’t have to wait a couple of days to remove the paint: this remover contains enzymes that disintegrated the paint in less than an hour, though we recommend you leave it overnight for most efficient paint removing.

The packaging is very clunky and awkward to open, which can cause frustration. Also, you have to apply the remover quite liberally, especially if you want to clean large surfaces

  • extremely powerful (use high-quality gloves while you use it)
  • dense and efficient
  • rapid coat removing
  • made in the USA, respectable manufacturer
  • difficult to open
  • you have to apply a lot of gel

Klean-Strip SR-72 – Most Inexpensive Paint Remover

Klean-Strip SR-72 is compact and inexpensive paint remover (most inexpensive on our list), fit for small projects. Though it is small and light, the remover is extremely powerful, and we recommend that you use chemical-resistant protective gloves and goggles.

This stripping spray is used to remove paint, oil-based paint, latex, and other coating substances. You can apply it to masonry, wood, and metal. The sprayer is extremely powerful, and you shouldn’t use it to synthetic based material such as urethane, plastic, linoleum.

Though the product acts rapidly, we recommend leaving it overnight (or at least a couple of hours) to achieve full effect. The product is convenient, fit for experienced and inexperienced people. We don’t recommend using it for big projects.

The product itself (the paint removing liquid) works efficiently and rapidly. However, some reviewers complained about the nozzle not working efficiently or being broken. Nozzle issue is probably a manufacturing flaw, so make sure you ask for warranty or recipe if you decide to buy it.

  • compact, light and simple to use
  • rapid and effective
  • fit for small projects
  • very inexpensive
  • some people complained about the nozzle functionality

BLUE BEAR 600GL – The Greenest Paint Remover

BLUE BEAR 600GLBLUE BEAR is known for producing high-quality paint removers, and 600GL (formerly called SOY-Gel remover) abides by their standards. It is easy to use and powerful, a common choice for professional contractors and builders.

The gel is dense and able to remove multiple layers of acrylic, oil, urethanes, epoxies, etc. The product is made with soybeans, which helps with odor-control and non-toxicity. The gel is non-caustic and free of Methylene Chloride.

The product comes in a 1-quart package and is reasonably priced. It is very effective, meaning that you’ll remove the coating with just one application. 600GL biodegradable and eco-friendly, safe for you and the environment, and is almost entirely odorless.

USe it to remove the coating of wood, metal, masonry, and concrete. This gel isn’t as aggressive as most paint removers are, meaning that, while it is safe to use, it won’t penetrate deep through the multilayer coatings. It will remove some epoxy, but not all.

  • very safe, environmental, almost odorless
  • cost-effective
  • made with American soybeans
  • dense, easy to apply, requires one application only
  • won’t remove all epoxies
  • it doesn’t work rapidly

Klean-Strip QAR-343 – Fastest Paint Stripping Gel

Klean-Strip QAR-343QAR-343 Aircraft Paint Remover is highly effective acryl, polyurethane, and epoxy remover. It is noncorrosive, meaning that it won’t attract rust once applied. It is incredibly rapid, able to remove the first layer in just 5 minutes, though you should leave it for a couple of hours to remove multiple layers.

Like most sophisticated liquid paint removers, it adheres to the vertical surfaces. This product is made for removing paint off metal surfaces only (cars, bicycles, trucks, etc.) It is an extremely powerful remover, and proper protective precautions must be taken if you plan on using it.

Do not apply it on any non-metal surface, for the remover will eat through it. It is extremely strong and fast, a bit more expensive than most other products on the list. It isn’t recommended to beginners because its chemical compound is hazardous.

If you seek powerful remover for metal surfaces only and you are familiar with paint removers, QAR-343 Aircraft Paint Remover is undoubtedly a valuable option.

  • very potent
  • fastest paint stripper
  • requires only one application, cost-effective
  • non-corrosive
  • not environmental friendly
  • we do not recommend it to beginners

Rust-Oleum Automotive Paint Remover – Professional, Rapid and Potent

Rust-Oleum Automotive Paint RemoverRust-Oleum Automotive stripping gel is safe, non-flammable, and easy to clean (water cleanup). This stripper is rapid and can remove the first coat in under 10 minutes, thanks to the professional grade chemical structure.

The 32-ounce package is very cost-effective and popular among DIY warriors and professional contractors. It is tough, able to remove multilayer coating of wood, metal, and masonry.

The gel is a bit smelly, and the fumes are toxic, so use a respirator. Yous should also wear quality protective gloves and long sleeves while you use it. It removes virtually every coating, but be very careful with it.

Furthermore, you should apply only one thin layer of gel, wait 10 minutes and start scrubbing the paint off; you don’t have to wait a couple of hours to get the job done. If it is a multilayer coating, you should go layer by layer to do the job properly. Note that the remover can be applied on acrylics, oils, epoxies, etc. In short, it removes the toughest finishes.

  • very potent
  • cost-effective
  • rapid requires only one application
  • easy water cleanup and nonflammable
  • proper protection is required if you plan on using this stripper

Jasco Bix EJBP00206 – The Best Paint Remover

Jasco Bix EJBP00206We already reviewed one Jasco Bix product, which came in the form of a gel; this one, the EJBP00206, comes in a compact, 17 oz spray can form. It removes tough paints, epoxies, lacquers; virtually any paint.

It is powerful and will eat up synthetic material, so don’t apply it on vinyl, linoleum, urethane,m and so forth. Once applied, the coat you intend to remove will bubble and peel off, no matter how tough it is. It is best to use it on metal, wood, cement, and masonry, or other similar hard building material.

It works quite rapidly: apply the remover, wait for about 15 to 20 minutes and remove the coating with a hard brush. However, it is costly, because you receive 17 oz of liquid. Furthermore, the tip (nozzle) tends to clog after excessive use, so you’ll have to be patient with it.

We recommend using this product for small to medium projects. It’s not that the remover would be ineffective for large projects (for instance, garage floor), but that it would simply take longer to remove the coating.

  • compact and lightweight
  • rapid and effective (takes 15-20 minutes to start working)
  • almost completely odorless
  • will remove the toughest coats
  • somewhat expensive
  • nozzle might clog after excessive use

VHT SP575 – Second Best Paint Remover, Extremely Aggressive

VHT SP575VHT SP575 is aggressive and effective, capable of removing oils, lacquers, acrylics, etc. It doesn’t remove epoxies and similar hard coatings. The product comes in a spray can, meaning it is light, compact and easy to use.

You receive 11 ounces of very aggressive liquid, so you have to be very careful when applying it. Use the product on wood and metal only! Once you apply it, the fluid will bubble and eat through the coating. Wait for 20 minutes and remove the coat (wear quality gloves).

We suggest you go layer by layer. If you are removing multilayer coating, go patiently and slowly; overapplying won’t make the removal more efficient. Many reviewers claimed it works like magic, though it is a bit expensive because you get only 11 oz of liquid.

We suggest buying several cans of this remover, especially if you plan to use it for bigger projects. Naturally, protect yourself in every possible way if you plan to use it. Other than the price, we have no complaints regarding this remover.

  • extremely effective
  • all-surface application (wood, metal, concrete, masonry)
  • one application
  • aggressive works almost instantly
  • expensive (you’ll have to buy several cans)

Goof Off FG658 – The Most Versatile Remover

Goof Off FG658As the name suggests, the Goof Off FG658 aerosol paint removal is intended for professional use. Made in the USA, FG658 works elegantly and smoothly, cutting through the layers as if they are butter.

The manufacturer suggests using it when all other products fail; through this is self-branding, it isn’t far from the truth. It is the best selling product on Amazon for a reason.

It is the most versatile remover, since it works on virtually any surface, from wood and metal to carpets and plastics. It won’t remove the most robust coating but will remove dried latex paint of any material.

If you want to remove hard, multilayer coats, Goof Off FG658 probably isn’t the best option. However, it is good for removing any light and thin paint. And though the product is effective and potent, it won’t damage the surface you intend to clean in any way, which is indeed a plus.

  • the most versatile strength remover
  • compact and easy to use
  • value for money
  • high quality, USA made
  • not fit for removing hard coating

Citri-Strip QCG731 Stripping Gel – Green, Aromatic and Effective

Citri-Strip QCG731Last on our list is the Citri-Strip QCG731, more efficient alternative to the Citri-Strip ECG73807 Paint Remover since it comes in more significant quantities ( 1 quart). As such, it is the best fit for large home projects.

The product is of high quality, made in the US, fit for professional use (industrial remover). Once applied, the liquid stays active for 24 hours, during which it protects the surface from dust and rust. We suggest leaving it for a couple of hours once you apply it.

It can remove latex, oil, lacquer, varnish, and other similar coatings. Since it doesn’t contain methylene chloride, and since it isn’t caustic, the product is safe for indoor use. The liquid is biodegradable, and the orange scent helps reduce the odor.

It works best with wood but is capable of removing the paint off metal and masonry. We especially liked the self-moisturizing formula, which allows you to take your time as you are stripping the paint.

  • value for money, USA made
  • multilayer, all surface stripping
  • citrus smell helps deal with odor
  • safe for indoor use
  • fit for large projects
  • won’t remove hard coatings

Buyer’s Guide

Here, we will discuss the chemical paint removers, which come in the form of gels or aerosol. We will discuss the benefits of using the liquid paint strippers, and explain what things you have to keep in mind if you do decide to obtain one for yourself or as a gift.

Why Liquid Paint Removers?

The products we reviewed are either gel or aerosol. You apply the liquid directly on the surface and wait for a certain amount of time. TIme of waiting will depend on the chemical compound of the remover; some activate within ten minutes, others take longer.

Generally, liquid removers dry rapidly and are fit for small projects. However, some pertain more quite well, allowing you to work on bigger projects. Aside from their speed, liquid paint removers are a convenient and more comfortable alternative to physical scrubbing (click here to learn more about different methods of paint removing).

Their chemical compounds make them very proactive, and they’ll eat through several layers of the coat in short amount of time. They are extremely dangerous, and you should always protect yourself when you use it. This implies wearing gloves, mask, and working in a ventilated space (if you work indoors).

Indoor or Outdoor?

Some paint removers are more toxic than others, meaning that the dangerous ones shouldn’t be used indoors. Moreover, they can eath through the material, depending on their strength. Keep in mind that some removers are potent and can damage not only you, but also synthetics, including plastics, nylon, polyester, and so forth.

For instance, BLUE BEAR 600GL is our greenest paint remover, meaning that it is safer to use than other products. On the other hand, VHT SP575 Paint Remover is extremely aggressive, and we don’t recommend it for indoor use or to people who never used liquid removers before.

Gel Or Aerosol?

Aerosol removers are more convenient and easy to use but are also more expensive than the gel based paint strippers. Furthermore, the aerosol is a lot easier to apply evenly across the surface. Then again, you only receive a small amount of liquid, which makes the aerosol less suitable for large projects.

It is a back and forth discussion. For instance, if you would want to clean the concrete floor in your garage or basement, it would be easier to use aerosol remover: you spray it across the surface and move along until you are done.

In the case of gel removers, you would have to apply it and distribute evenly and manually across the surface. However, they are often less expensive and come in large quantities.

Speed And Aggressiveness

If you plan on stripping the paint of a large surface, it would be more efficient if you purchase the product that doesn’t dry rapidly. You can go meter by meter: apply the fluid, remove the coat, clean the surface, and repeat the process until you are done.

However, some products contain their essence for 24 hours, like the Citri-Strip QCG731 Stripping Gel. What this means is that you can cover a large surface, leave in overnight, get a good night sleep, and clean it the next morning.

However, if you plan on cleaning small objects (like doors, car parts, furniture, etc.), it is best to go with the rapid and aggressive removers, for they will allow you to finish the job rapidly. Note that some products penetrate through multiple layers of coating and that some require layer by layer application.

Other Important Features

Consider the price of the product. If the surface you intend to clear is small and dear to you (like car rims) don’t economize too much and go for the professional removers. However, this doesn’t mean that the most expensive product will do the best job.

You also have to consider the fluid’s power: some can remove hard coating like epoxy, powder coating, but other’s can’t. All products on our list strip the paint off metal, but you might want an all-around paint remover, which is something you have to consider when you browse the products.

Alas, consider the product’s toxicity. If you never used the chemical based remover, we suggest you go for the safest and greenest products. Your safety should always be your primary concern, and we want you to keep that in mind when you use liquid paint strippers.


If I had to choose one product from our list, that would be the Jasco Bix EJBP00206 Paint Remover. It is aerosol based remover, compact, easy to apply. It is potent, rapid, and actives in a manner of minutes.

Moreover, it is almost completely odorless, fit for both indoor and outdoor use. Naturally, you’ll have to protect yourself while you use it but is true for any product on our list. However, it is expensive if you plant to strip the paint of a large surface.

Second place goes to the VHT SP575 Paint Remover, which works similarly to the Jasco Bix EJBP00206. Of course, these are our top picks, and you shouldn’t follow them blindly.

As always, go for the product that will fit you the best, the one that will work effectively in your environment; the most important thing is that you stay safe and get the results you want.

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