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We’ve analyzed 2312 reviews of paint sprayers, and compared paint guns side-by-side scored according to a range of factors.

Below you will find a comparison chart.

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I’m sure most of you will agree that good paint job requires not only a skillful and patient painter but proper tools too. But what classifies as good tool? Well, in our article, we will discuss one particular tool: spray guns.

This article will explore the spray guns, its advantages, and disadvantages, and what factors you should consider if you decide to purchase a spray gun. Apart from this Buyer’s guide, we will also present you with the list of our ten hand-picked spray guns, explaining why we chose these particular guns.

We hope the article will not only help you pick the right product but also help you learn more about the technology and science behind spray guns.

A Few Things To Keep In Mind

Before you even go through each particular product, let these questions be your guide, for they will help you pick the spray gun that is best fit for you and your needs:

  • Do you need a sprayer for light or heavy paint job? (Canister capacity)
  • What is your budget? (Price)
  • Are you seeking a temporary or long-term solution? (Durability)
  • Are you an experienced or inexperienced painter? (Easy-to-use and maintain)
  • For what reasons would you use the sprayer gun? (Surface covering, coating, primer, finisher, etc.)

Top Products

Tacklife SGP15AC Spray Gun – Most Versatile Spray Gun

Tacklife SGP15AC Spray Gun
Tacklife SGP15AC is a versatile spray gun, featuring three nozzle sizes (2, 2.5 and 3 mm), and three spraying patterns: horizontal, vertical and circular. The product’s versatility is also seen in the gun’s adjustable valve, allowing you to control the flow of paint.

The spray gun is compatible, reasonably lightweight, fit for homeowners and car owners. Its spraying distance is between 20 and 30 cm, and as such can be used to spray paint cars, furniture, home appliances, wood, and so forth.

Tacklife SGP15AC is easy to assemble/disassemble, making it easy for you to clean and maintain. The product comes with the 900 ml canister, to which you can add paint without detaching it from the gun. Upon purchase, you also receive funnel, cleaning brush and needle, multi-optional nozzle, user manual, and 1-year warranty.

Though highly versatile, this spray gun isn’t very durable. It will also clog from time to time, but the good thing is that it is easy to disassemble and clean. All in all, Tacklife SGP15AC is economical, versatile and easy to maintain spray gun.

  • highly adjustable 3-option nozzle
  • features three spray patterns, fit for multipurpose spraying
  • will deliver a good finish
  • easy to disassemble and maintain
  • not very durable
  • will clog occasionally
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Neiko 31215A HVLP Spray Gun – Highly Durable

Neiko 31215A
Neiko 31215A features one-piece design, being highly durable and robust. The product features a stainless steel nozzle, with brass cap for extended durability. The knob is adjustable, featuring three different spraying patterns.

It is compact and neatly designed, operational at 40 PSI and working optimally at 10 PSI. This spray gun is best fit for spraying metallic surfaces, best used for finishing cars and home appliances.

Upon purchase, you receive spray gun, 600 cc paint cup (aluminum made, lightweight), attachable air gauge, cleaning brush and an adjustable wrench. Though compact, functional and highly durable, the product is challenging to clean.

For some weird reason, the nozzle is tightly attached to the gun. The process of disassembling the nozzle was stressful. Also, the wrench you receive isn’t that helpful, which only adds to the frustration. The spraying is excellent, the patterns neat and the leveling is excellent, but the process of maintaining and cleaning is somewhat tiring and frustrating.

It is worth mentioning that you have the option to select between four nozzles: 1.3, 1.5, 1.7 and 2 mm.

  • one-piece, made of aluminum, highly durable
  • stainless steel nozzle with brass cover
  • very compact and portable
  • excellent spraying performance
  • somewhat frustrating to clean
  • the wrench you receive isn’t that helpful
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TCP Global Spray Gun Set (3 Spray Guns) – Most Cost-Effective Spray Gun(s)

TCP Global Spray Gun Set
Though we prefer reviewing single products, it was hard for us to pass by the TCP Global Spray Gun Set. Each spray gun features stainless steel, rust free nozzles, and stainless steel needles. As such, guns are highly durable and easy to clean.

Furthermore, the spray guns feature adjustable knobs, allowing you to control the spraying patterns, air pressure level, and paint output. Optimal operating pressure is somewhere between 30 and 50 PSI, consuming 3.5 to 7 CFM, depending on your adjustments.

Each gun sprays evenly and consistently thanks to the integrated regulatory baffle that has several holes for better air circulation. Upon purchase, you receive 1.0 mm gun, fit for detailed finishing, 1.4 mm gun for base and clear coating, and the 1.8 mm gun for prime finishing, oil-based paint spraying and other medium/heavy density paint jobs.

This tempting 3 in 1 offer has some disadvantages. For starters, the spray guns are difficult to clean and maintain. Also, they aren’t as durable as other, more sophisticated products on our list are. However, it is a set of 3 different spray guns, fit for multipurpose spraying.

  • true value for money, 3 in 1 offer
  • all guns feature stainless steel nozzle and needle, which add to the durability
  • ergonomic design, easy to use
  • each spraying gun serves a different purpose
  • not the most sophisticated design (lacks durability)
  • very difficult to clean
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HomeRight Max C800766 Spray Gun – The Most Popular Spray Gun

HomeRight Max C800766
HomeRight Max C800766 Spray Gun is the most popular spraying gun, popular pick amongst the consumers. It is a bit more expensive than most of the products on our list but is also a bit more sophisticated regarding design.

It too features three spraying patterns and the adjustable nozzle for better control while spraying. The cap is quality made, able to entrap the air and create a circular airflow to get the most paint out of the 27 oz (800 ml) container to the dedicated surface.

This spray gun is very easy to use, fit for beginners and DIY enthusiasts. It is lightweight, featuring an ergonomic design and firm grip for easier maneuverability. It can be used for painting multiple surfaces and objects, thanks to the adjustable nozzles.

We don’t recommend using this spray gun to cover large surfaces and big objects. Though the patterns are versatile, they are small (regarding surface cover and range). In short, the spray pattern and volume are low. But, it is surgically precise and useful if you want to cover small surfaces and objects.

  • highly sophisticated and precise painting
  • durable and robust design
  • the advanced cap makes the gun very effective
  • adjustable nozzles make this spray gun versatile
  • the spraying pattern is low
  • you will have to refill often if you want to cover a large surface
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Central Pneumatic 47016 Spray Gun – Cost Effective and Stylish

Central Pneumatic 47016 Spray Gun
Central Pneumatic 47016 is inexpensive and stylish spray gun, featuring control knobs (pattern, fluid, and air) for more comfortable spraying. Considering the price of this spray gun, it performs rather effectively and is very conservative regarding air consumption.

Though the paint canister is only 20 oz, it will last for a reasonable time. Furthermore, it sprays various paints (regarding viscosity) and is the best fit for painting car parts and smaller appliances. We recommend you use it as a base coater or primer, not as a finisher.

It is straightforward to disassemble, clean and maintains. This 1.4 mm gun is very cost effective, surprisingly practical and conservative (regarding air consumption). However, it isn’t highly sophisticated nor durable. Also, we don’t recommend you use it to finish the paint job.

We recommend it to hobbyist and car owners. It is precise and effective and should be used to paint smaller objects and cars.

  • inexpensive, yet quite effective
  • can be used as a primer or base coater
  • very lightweight and conservative (concerning air consumption)
  • easy to disassemble and clean
  • not the most durable nor sturdy
  • shouldn’t be used as a finisher
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Astro 4008 Paint Spray Gun – Best All Around Paint Sprayer

Astro 4008
Astro 4008 is solid, all around and easy to maintain spray gun. It is probably the best all-around spray gun on our list, able to cover multiple surfaces and objects, acting as primer and finisher. The gun performs efficiently and evenly and has integrated anti-spill and anti-leak design.

The 1.8mm nozzle is adjustable, fit for multiple levels and granting volume control. The spray gun is conservative and convenient, fit for hobbyists, car, and homeowners. Operating pressure ranges from 50 to 60 PSI.

The paint canister features one qt capacity (roughly 950 ml) and is as such fit for comfortable operating without the need for constant refilling. The canister is aluminum made, and won’t leak paint under any angle, which is convenient.

It is simple to use and maintain but isn’t the best finisher. Note that the finish you get will be solid, but not perfect nor professional. Still, if you consider the fact that you can cover, prime and finish all material and surfaces the Astro 4008 is a great option.

  • value for money, inexpensive yet durable
  • excellent all-around spray gun
  • very easy to use and clean
  • excellent aluminum made, anti-leak paint cannister
  • not the best finisher
  • not the most durable spray gun
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PowRyte HVLP Spray Gun(s) – The Most Inexpensive Spray Guns

PowRyte HVLP Spray Gun
PowRyte HVLP set delivers two spray guns, one being 0.8 mm and other 1.4 mm. The paint canister has 20 oz (600 ml) capacity, working pressure ranging from 30 to 45 PSI for 1.4 mm gun, and 20-30 PSI for 0.8 mm gun.

The gun features an integrated control knob, fit for regulating the paint flow, spraying pattern and air valve for optimal pressure control. The gun also has a built-in filter, which ensures proper paint flow, granting you more control over the flow.

This is a set of two guns, one fit for light and one for medium to heavy paint jobs. They are conservative and efficiently regarding paint and air consumption. Though fit for multipurpose painting, these guns aren’t the most sophisticated nor the most durable on our list.

It is, however, the most valuable option on our list if you are looking for a basic spray gun, fit for the hobbyist and weekend warriors. However, it isn’t fit for professional use due to limited durability and somewhat restrictive pattern.

  • value for money 2-piece set
  • fit for light and heavy paint jobs
  • conservative paint and air consumption
  • adjustable knobs for a different pattern and air pressure
  • not so durable
  • somewhat limiting spraying options
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SPRAYIT SP-352 Spray Gun – The Cheapest Spray Gun

SPRAYIT SP-352 is by far the cheapest spray gun on our list, which draws many advantages and disadvantages to the table. For starters, this spray gun is tiny, having 0.4 l canister capacity.

It is aluminum-made (in one piece) and is very lightweight. This makes it very easy and comfortable to use, but less robust and resistant to accidental damage. The nozzle is adjustable, and the air pressure is controllable, together with the flow volume.

Maximum working pressure is 60 PS, the optimal pressure being between 45 and 58 PSI. The fan pattern ranges from 5.5 to 7.5 inches. Both the nozzle and needle are stainless steel, which makes the gun resistant to rust and slightly more durable.

It is the cheapest gun, which reflects poorly on its design, sophistication, and durability. It is more for a one time use, rather than a long-term tool for painting. It isn’t the most efficient regarding paint and air consumption. But, if you are looking for cheap, one-time spray gun, SPRAYIT SP-352 is a valuable solution.

  • highly compact, fit for homeowners and inexperienced painters
  • a true money saver, the most inexpensive on the list
  • lightweight and easy to use
  • resistant to rust
  • poorly designed, lacks robustness and durability
  • consumes a lot of paint
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Meditool HVLP Paint Sprayer – Lightweight And Fit For Delicate Paint Job

Meditool HVLP Paint Sprayer
Meditool Paint Sprayer features 1.4 mm nozzle and 1 L paint canister. It has three integrated knobs, allowing you to control the fluid volume, air pressure, and pattern options. This sprayer grants you excellent control as you operate it: it is lightweight and ergonomically designed.

It conservatively and efficiently uses the air and paint and is as such an excellent money saver. It is an attractive option for homeowners, for applying base coats. We recommend that you use it no car parts and for DIY projects.

The sprayer gives you a lot of control over multiple parameters, which makes it very accurate, fit for delicate work. The spray cap is brass covered, the nozzle is stainless steel, and the trigger is highly responsive; also stainless steel made.

It is efficient and accurate but isn’t fit for big painting projects. Also, the sprayer is very lightweight, but also prone to breaking if you aren’t careful with it.

  • fit for delicate paint jobs
  • very easy to use, perfect for any home and car owner
  • easy to maintain
  • conservative air and paint consumption
  • adjustable knobs (air, volume and pattern control)
  • should be more robust
  • not fit for big projects
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Devilbiss Finishline 4 FLG-670 – Best Overall

Devilbiss Finishline 4 FLG-670
The last and the best on our list is Devilbiss Finishline 4 FLG-670, a product that features highly sophisticated design and introduces new technologies to the world of spray guns. It comes with several nozzles of different sizes (1.3/.5/.8), all made of stainless steel and brass coated with anti-corrosion features.

The entire body is anodized, both internally and externality, which makes the gun very easy to maintain and clean. It is by far the most durable and robust product on our list. Unfortunately, it is also the most expensive product.

You can adjust the flow and the air pressure with ease, which is ultimately the key ingredient to the successful paint job. Multiple tips also help attune the gun to your needs. Like any other product on our list, this gun has its flaws.

The spray fan could have been wider; it being narrow may cause overlapping and inefficient paint consumption. It is also the most expensive product on our list. The price isn’t a downside per se, but on our list, it is because being the most expensive product on the top ten list isn’t something to be praised.

  • the ionized body makes it easy to maintain and clean
  • stainless steel parts, resistant to rust
  • highly accurate and adjustable
  • sophisticated and professional design
  • the fan could have been a bit wider
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Buyer’s Guide

In this section, we will try to explain the technology behind spray guns, what they are and why do we use them. Moreover, we will provide you with the list of the factors you should take into consideration if you decide to purchase a spray gun.

On Spray Guns

Spray guns are an automatic alternative to hand brushes, that is, an automated alternative to manual painting. The most common term attached to the sprayers is the HVLP, an abbreviation for “high volume-low pressure (read more about it on Wiki)”

As the acronym suggests, the goal of the spray gun is to use large volumes of paint and apply it on the surface with the help of air pressure. It is important to say that the spray guns on our list require an air compressor. Note that the HVLP gun isn’t the only spray gun; there are also airless guns, gravity feed guns, siphon guns, and so forth.

Spray guns differ in design, features, air pressure range, volume capacity, nozzle size, and so forth. The main benefits of using a spray gun are tied to reduced over-spraying since HVLP guns are often good at efficiently covering large surfaces. This ability also makes them environmentally friendly.

They are safe to use, conserve air and paint consumption, and deliver quality finish. These are only some of the benefits of using a spray gun (read more about it here). But what factors should you consider? Let’s discuss it!

Nozzle Size

Consider the nozzle sizes, which warry from 0.8 mm to 2 mm (this is true for our list). The reasoning is simple: smaller nozzles give more control and less spray, while larger nozzles give more spray and less control.

This means that you should use smaller nozzles for delicate paint jobs, those that require patience, precision, and narrower spray. On the other hand, use larger nozzles to paint and cover larger surfaces, such as cars or other bigger objects.


Most products on our list feature adjustable knobs, granting you pattern control, spray volume, and air pressure. Most common patterns are vertical, horizontal and circular. Logic dictates that you use the pattern depending on your hand movement.

Furthermore, spray volume is the amount of paint that comes out of the gun once you trigger it. If you want to cover larger surfaces, you would need higher amounts of paint. If you are spraying smaller objects, you should lower the volume to have more control over the spraying.

Air pressure functions similarly. Please mind the maximum and optimal air pressure. Each spray gun has a different pressure capability, which is the result of the gun’s capacity, design, and so forth. We suggest you operate within the optimal pressure. Naturally, you don’t need extra pressure if you are doing up the close paint job on a smaller object. Instead, increase the pressure as you distance yourself from the object (you can watch this video to learn more about adjustment).

Other Things To Consider

Take a look at the list below; it should help you narrow your choices.

  • Capacity: canisters vary from 0.4 l to 1 l. Keep this in mind as you make your selection (we suggest going for bigger canisters if you plan to cover more large surfaces and vice versa).
  • Set Or Single: we included two sets on our list, which are recommended for multipurpose jobs, covering both big and small surfaces
  • Price: general rule says that the more you pay, the better and more durable the product is. This, however, isn’t a rule.
  • Cleaning: some products are easy to disassemble, other’s aren’t. If you don’t have patience or dislike cleaning, go for the ones that are easier to maintain and clean.
  • Durability: more expensive products will often be more robust and sturdy and will serve you longer than the cheaper products would


The winner of our list is the Devilbiss Finishline 4 FLG-670. It is by far the most durable spray gun, featuring ionized structure, fluid nozzles (you get three compatible nozzles). This spray gun is also highly adjustable, sprays evenly and accurately, and can be used as a primer or finisher.

It is more expensive than others on the list, but the price is worth it since you have multiple guns in one, thanks to the adjustability and numerous nozzles you receive with it. Also, it is fit for virtually anyone, from hobbyist to professionals, inexperienced and experienced painters.

It has its flaws, just like any other product on the list. As always, if you do decide to obtain the spray gun, always consider if the product is fit for you and your needs. We only hope that this article has been of some use to you and that it will make your purchase easier, prosperous, and satisfying.

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