ATD Tools 6900

The ATD Tools bring you an amazing combination of spray guns that fulfill all major requirements apart from giving you the liberties to choose the type of applicant from the paint range.


The Gun set would consist of the following commodities:

  • 1.4 mm Topcoat Spray Gun
  • 1 L Aluminium Cups
  • 1.8 mm spray gun (primer)
  • 1 mm Touch up spray Gun
  • Regulator for pressure
  • Face mask
  • Cleaning kit
  • Spanner and Hex Wrench
  • Brushes and extra filters
  • 125 cc Steel cup

The guns mostly have steel needles and nozzles. There is a knob given for adjustment of the spray pattern. The normal operating pressure of the gun is 15-40 PSI. The air inlet measures up to .25 inch, and the air consumption has been recorded between 7 to 9 CFM under normal conditions.


The HVLP guns have been designed in a manner to be comfortable in any pair of hands. Thus, long hours of work would be no problem if any gun in this set is picked. Water is kept out of the gun during the spraying with the extra provision of Inline Air Filter. The quality of the spray as reported by most of the consumers is excellent. The precision, adjustments, and the design make all the guns of this set stand out. Spray volume and spray pattern knobs are on different sides, causing less confusion while the work is going on. As reported, the guns of this set have seldom come across loose ends or leakage problems, making them an excellent choice for a durable working process.


There are no issues with the functioning of this gun and even the clean up is very easy. However, some believe that the set is overpriced and that the spray patterns do not last long when operated under high values of pressure.

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