ATD – 6900 spray gun review

I have bought these guns in order to work at my 1974 Toyota Land Cruiser. I have just finished the work I had in mind and I have to say that I am satisfied of the guns. I have used the blue and the red guns and I am happy with the results.

If I knew how they worked, I would have bought them sooner. Unfortunately, I have used a set of guns that my wife bought for me several years ago. Even if it was from a large store, it was not as good as these guns. However, keep in mind that I am not a professional painter. My opinion is based on the work I have done as a hobby.

I have no idea how the pros think about these guns, but I assume they are buying their equipment from somewhere else.


the tip of the spray has two useful holes on each side. This largely contributes to a great atomization of the pattern. Controlling the direction of the pain and the size of the paint droplets is very easy for me. The airflow, the spray pattern, and the material flow can be adjusted easily.


the can is long and it might become tricky to use it in confined spaces. I had to pay greater attention in certain spots in order not to touch the recently painted area with the can. The pressure regulator is good and I have no complaints concerning it.

However, it comes with an awful plastic lens that was already damaged by some thinner. As a result, I cannot clearly see the marking on the gauge. In addition, the product could have easily come without the cleaning kit because this is terrible.

Overall, these HVLP guns are fine for those who do paint jobs occasionally. I have a plenty of experience in spraying cars because I have worked in a car shop. Besides, I have also painted plenty of cars at home.

I have bought these guns for painting my son’s car and I was surprised to notice that they are qualitative. They are great for do-it-yourself projects and they come at a very affordable price. They come in a set of three that is also advantageous.

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