Looking for a paint sprayer?

Hey there, I’m Mark, founder and editor in chief here at Mark's Spray Guns. Before I launched this project, I've been working in professional paint service in Hampton, VA for the last 15 years.

So I know a lot about painting and paint sprayers.

I used to enjoy it more than anything, and I launched this project to help people learn more aspects of spray painting.

What Do We do?

We collect consumer experiences from trusted websites, exclude fake and “promotional” reviews. We use only reliable and credible reviews from people, who owned their product for a significant amount of time.

We analyze all collected data and rate each item by several important characteristics and then calculate an overall rating for each piece. Each feature has its weight in the overall score to make it most accurate.

We believe everyone deserves to get the best product. We combine our own experience of using products for painting with the knowledge of thousands of customers. We are here to show you how to beat the system and get the best product for the money.