Wagner Spray Tech 520000 review

The Wagner power Tex is a sprayer that has all that you need to make an effective painting. It has an inbuilt turbine that is very powerful. With the turbine, you easily texture the entire ceiling with no hustle. Although, the sprayer has a lot of power, it has simply designed hence easy to use. In addition, the sprayer has a Lock-n-Go technology that makes cleaning of the sprayer easy and fast.

Customer review

I am not a professional painter but I have always painted my home and obtained good results. Since I love painting, I constantly keep abreast with the changes in the industry. After reading several reviews about this sprayer, I was motivated to buy it. I bought the sprayer and played around with various mixture consistencies. I put the sprayer to test by splaying several areas the entire morning.

I must point out that the sprayer created a big mess in my house; the splay will not go in the same direction. In addition, not all paint moved out of the sprayer; some of it oozed out of the nozzle and moved to the trigger, which made the sprayer very dirty. Although, I had read in the instructions that water may leak on the trigger, I did not expect paint to do so. Other than paint moving to the trigger, I had a huge problem trying to keep the trigger completely pulled. This is because it was very hard. In fact, both of my hands I had to use in most of my painting.

In the middle of my painting, I became very tired and I felt like giving up; however, since I did not want to hire a professional to come and paint for me, I carried on until I had finished. Upon finish, I noted that I did not get the exact texture that matched the existing one. I grew so nervous that I had spoiled and I had to call a professional to come and redo the painting. Since the garage does not need a professional touch, I will use the sprayer in there and see how it will work out.

Review update:

This week, the professional painter came and had been using the same Wagner sprayer as I was using. He said that it is the best in the market. He even swore by it! Although, I had done not so good work on my house walls, he flattered me on the closet. He mentioned that he also had to practice repeatedly before he could get it right. He pointed that the mistake I made is that I made my paint too thick, which made my painting laborious. Instead of the thick paint, he suggested that I use thin paint. His suggestions contradict the manufacturer’s instructions that say that you should make paint to look like pancake batter. Overall, based on what the professional painter said, I am upgrading my review to four starts; however, I am withholding the one star. I will give or retain it depending on the results that I get from the garage.

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