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Paint sprayers can really come in handy when you are doing the small stuff yourself, e.g. repainting the fence, coating the furniture or may be even handling the job of painting a single wall. These indoor spray guns are efficient, controlled and less powerful as they need not be very efficient or fast. But when it comes to choosing the professional spray guns, the whole outlook and even the scenario takes a turn. No longer can one go for the brand and see what will not damage the surfaces. Instead, you need to look for efficiency, power and of course tech support that will be your strong hand, always.

The Contenders

Low pressure and high pressure guns- both of them are easily available in the market and can be bought to handle a variety of tasks. The HVLP or the high volume low pressure guns are the ones that are used for automotive parts. The high pressure guns are the ones that are used for larger paint sprays over an area and can perform faster only if the end finishing does not need to be smooth in the very first go.

Factors to keep in mind

The TE rating or the total efficiency of the spray gun as to how well can it deliver on a given surface area.

Nozzles and feeds: For different purposes, come different guns. With the nozzle range of 1.0 2.2 mm, the best operating range is advised to be 1.2 to 2.0 mm for all type of paints. Smaller the tip, better the dispersion of particles and more controlled and well finished is the product. There are two types of feeds: the gravity feed and the siphon feed. The gravity feed uses less energy to deliver the same amount of paint.

As it does not have to draw fluid,it is more efficient.Siphon guns are tough (ours was metal instead of plastic), usually cheaper, and you can set them down anywhere.

Air Compressors: Aiming for more horsepower is not always good as what you need is volume and pressure instead. The guns rated by CFM delivered correspond to the PSI ratings. Do remember that the gun you are choosing should produce at least 1.5 times the CFM the gun requires at a particular temperature.

A few of the top professional spray guns along with their system’s key features are as follows:

Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP

Wagner 0518080Undoubtedly first on the list stands the HVLP paint sprayer model 0518080 by the leader of paint spray industry- Wagner. Wagner has been popular and quite famed for bringing out new designs and innovative modifications but with this model, is the defining benchmark and thus the most viewed product by both first timers and professional users. Its power cannot be contained in words as it combines metal spray gun, air pressure variation control and a staggering 2 stage turbine into one system. Be it walls, latex or even lacquer, this tool is indeed very useful as it just makes the job easier and faster.

Tool Force A-C1 50 PSI 2-in-1 HVLP Spray Gun kit

Tool Force A-C1Tool force has come up with this extremely powerful HVLP spray gun and because of its adorable features as well as commendable price; it has already made it to the top few guns rigorously being used by the professional painters. With an efficiency of 75 per cent, it has a nozzle of 1.4 mm for light and 2 mm for heavy materials. High atomization is ensured with low air pressure. The kit of the AC-1 uses a brush, spanner and a cup filter but it is very light and thus makes the work even easier and less tiresome as compared to other spray guns of the same specifications. Also, the Ac-1 is easiest to clean after the job has been done.

Wagner 515034 Pro Coat Airless Paint Sprayer

Wagner 515034 Pro CoatWagner Procoat unlike the previous models has been designed with larger projects in mind. The Wagner 515034 Pro Coat is versatile and easy-to-use. The user can paint an entire house or just focus on a few picket fences and either way, the product combines a professional finish with an interface that even beginners are able to master.

Milwaukee M491021 Fine Finish Paint Sprayer

Milwaukee M491021The Milwaukee M491021 Paint sprayer is undoubtedly a two-headed beast, as it performsfunctions of both an airless sprayer for simple paint jobs and a magnificent high-volume low-pressure fine-finish sprayer. A dual-action pistol-grip sprayer allows users to quickly switch between the two functions, applying a coat of paint or a layer of fine finish while coats dry on other paint projects.

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