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Central pneumatic spray gun

High pressure Gravity Feed spray, as the name suggests is one of its kind HVLP spray gun that can operate on high pressure as compared to its counterpart models, making it a perfect choice for faster work completion. Features The spray gun has been applauded for its best ever combination of paint and air pressure […]

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Tool Force A-C3 High Pressure Spray Gun review

I was amazed when I opened the package to find a paint gun. I have no idea how the Chinese are able to produce a great type of tools for that amount, especially when profit has to be considered. However, the downside is that the training guide was almost pointless. Springs and gaskets in the […]

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Kawasaki 840762 High Pressure Spray Gun review

I have bought two such guns because I was looking for a gun with a large needle and I could not find one at a low price. Therefore, when I came across this, I decided to take two. Large needles are used by those who work with thick paint and want to get the job […]

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