LVLP spray guns

The LVLP spray guns are special type of spray guns that are designed in a manner to use a lower volume of air in order to atomize the paint at the cap. As the name suggests, it is a low volume low pressure spray gun that is used in order to paint intricately in small patterns or areas only. There are several developers and auto painting firms that utilize the LVLP spray guns for various purposes including auto painting, furniture painting, spraying of substance, etc.

Now the small nozzle of the LVLP guns can be a real problem for the spray mechanism and the user, but the lack of air that it offers is compensated by a precision air cap which will act like a bunch of small sharpened knives that will cut through the material.

As only a small volume of air is used, the LVLP gun can be operated with a much lesser CFM and a small compressor. Thus as compared to the HVLP or high volume low pressure spray gun, the LVLP spray gun can be used at decreased amount of almost 3-4 CFM.

Benefits as experienced by customers

The best use of the LVLP spray guns is that it can be used for intricate spraying. The low volume of air is utilized to finely atomize paint creating a very smooth finish. A smooth finish along with low pressure usually disallows overspray to a great extent and thus the final job looks cleaner and the paint sharper.

Usually sold with a stainless steel needle and a sharp fluid tip, the LVLP guns have proven to be great for water based products. Also, the decreased overspray also results in the minimization of costs and saving of money as compared to the convetional spray guns.

Common problems

The LVLP guns are good but nothing is really perfect in this world. Tere are a few problems that are associated with the LVLP guns. The LVLP guns are non bleeder guns that do not continuously emit air, which is preferred by many users as it helps in easy and quicker drying. As compared to other guns, the nozzle cap and needle for the LVLP guns are very small and thus it is very difficult to remove and change them. The LVLP guns can not be used for quick spraying as it takes time to spray over a larger area.

Manufacturers of these guns

Some of the top manufacturers who have been providing these LVLP spray guns and their spare parts for sale since years and have established trust with the customers worldwide are:

  • Ningbo JiangbongBeauooi Import& Export Co.Ltd
  • ZheijiangRongpeng Air Tools Co.Ltd
  • Beswell Machinery Co. Ltd
  • Sun Mines Electrics Co. Ltd

These firms and sellers have been manufacturing designs of LVLP guns for various purposes with modifications to serve all the requirements, as possible.

Types of guns

LVLP guns are themselves a type of guns which use low volume and low pressure. However, on the basis of trigger action, there are two types of LVLP guns that are available and these are the bleeder guns and non bleeder guns. The bleeder guns are those which have a consistent stream of air blowing through them no matter the trigger is pulled or not. This results in a powerful stream as compared to the counterpart designs. Not only it has a stronger stream, this also helps in quickened drying.

Non bleeder guns on the other hands spray the paint or the product only when the trigger is pulled and stop spraying hen the trigger is left or is not puled. The non bleeder guns are more useful as they avoid any kind of wastage or overspray that could take place ion powerful stream of air accompanying the paint or product.

How to choose

Choosing LVLP guns is not a major problem as most of them are based on the same design. However, for different products such as water based products, you might want to consider a change in design or material. Thus, a few factors to choose the gun that will suit you the best are:

  • product being used for spraying
  • type of needle and its size.

Also, you can watch the live demonstrations to know more about the guns and make a better decision.

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