Can You Use a Paint Sprayer Indoors?

The answer to the question is a resounding yes. Of course you can choose to do your spray painting project indoors. When done properly, this may even be more suitable than doing it outside the house since you can manipulate environmental variables more freely. For example, you can control the room temperature indoors aside from the fact that you are saved from unwanted gusts of wind. The following steps are the basics to consider when it comes to indoor spray painting:

Cover everything that should not be painted

When paint is applied through spraying, especially with the use of spray guns, they may loosely travel around the air and land on surfaces that are not supposed to catch any amount of paint. It is therefore important that you protect all surrounding furniture with coverings such as drop cloths and plastic sheets. Or better yet, choose an empty room and make it as your working area.

Aim for adequate ventilation

If you do not have an air cleaning system installed at your home, open some windows and doors to adequately ventilate the room. However, be wary of the air humidity outdoors since this may cause your paint job to moisten. It is also important for you to wear proper gear such as a mask in order to avoid inhaling toxic substances from paint.

Prepare the area

Before starting to paint, make sure to clean the surrounding area and eliminate trip hazards. Also note that the area should be free of dust and other contaminants that may fall on the wet paint. Try to cover the floor with a plastic sheet if it is carpeted or made of a material that absorbs paint. And last but not the least, put all needed paraphernalia in plain sight so that you can easily get any of them once you start painting.