Best Spray Gun For Latex Paint

Painting with a brush or roller can be tedious albeit time-effective for small projects, such as narrow interior walls and doors. Straining your arms and back is almost inevitable if you do it yourself. It is even more tedious when it comes to larger paint jobs. If you have done some painting yourself, then you probably know how hard it is to paint evenly and to achieve a smooth finish even on flat surfaces.

The choice of paint and the painting equipment are equally important when you want to overcome these difficulties while racing against time. Latex paint sprayers are a great choice in this regard. Finding a good paint sprayer, however, can be a challenge in itself.

A Few Things To Keep In Mind

  • Do you need a sprayer that can handle different types of paints besides latex?
  • How many gallons per minute do you need the sprayer to eject?
  • Will you use the spray gun for work or home use?
  • Will you use it for small jobs or large jobs?
  • Do you expect to need to change spray patterns?
  • Will you need a significant amount of control over the spray pattern?
  • Will you be working with non-flat surfaces?
  • Are you concerned about paint drying in the sprayer before you complete the job?
  • Would you prefer an HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) or Airless spray gun?
  • Which type of spray gun do you think is better for working with the high viscosity (internal friction) or thickness of latex paint?
  • If you choose an airless spray gun, would you prefer it to be an electric model, driven by gas, or driven by air?

As you consider your answers to these questions, let’s look at some of the best latex spray guns on the market.

Best 6 Spray Guns For Latex Paint

Graco Magnum 262805 X7 – Most Convenient To Use

This latex paint sprayer affords painters the ultimate convenience for multiple applications. It is at the top of our list for that very reason.

It is an airless spray gun, which means you can achieve a great amount of control by simply switching the tips with which the gun is fitted. It relies on a mechanism that utilizes much higher pressure than HVLP Sprays to pressurize paint against any given tip without using air to atomize or aerosolize the paint. This makes it faster to work with and particularly suited for thicker paints, including latex, although your work won’t be as fine as that produced by HVLP Sprays. That’s because the tips don’t provide as much control as an HVLP spray gun.

There are a number of unique features to this spray gun model, which supports its flexibility in use, including its capability to readily adjust pressure to gain adequate control of paint ejection and flow. It is also fitted with a stainless steel piston pump, which eliminates the need to thin your paint as it is fully capable of spraying high-viscosity latex at high pressure. Its power flush adapter means you can also attach your garden hose, making cleaning faster and effortless.

You will no doubt find the feature that allows you to reverse the tip to be useful when your sprayer develops a clog from drying paint. The reliability and speed of the power button is certainly a nice addition to the X7 cart, as is the presence of a handle and two wheels to offset its 26 pounds weight. They make this spray gun, which is even heavier when loaded with paint in a container, very portable. Moving five gallons of paint becomes an effortless exercise. We believe all of these features make it the latex paint sprayer to beat on the market.


  • Capability to easily adjust the pressure to regulate paint flow
  • Eliminates the need for paint thinning
  • Faster and effortless cleaning due to power flush adapter
  • Portability


  • Bulky compared to other paint sprayers on the market

Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand – Similar Sprayer But Less Convenient

This manufacturer seems to have its finger on the pulse of latex spray-painting. The Magnum X5 stand gives you a painting experience similar to the one outlined above for similar reasons. First and foremost, it is likewise an Airless Paint Sprayer, which means you get an identical level of control over paint ejection and flow irrespective of indoor or outdoor usage. It similarly features the capability to adjust pressure easily to fit varying project requirements. Furthermore, this airless sprayer is designed with a durable metal build, which makes it suitable for use in any terrain.

The Magnum X5 stand, however, is less convenient because it does not feature wheels. It is slightly lighter than the X7 cart but still has a weight of 20 pounds, which means it is quite heavy to lift with the handle. Be that as it may, this sprayer is capable of holding a similar number of gallons of paint per. If you value mobility, you should probably consider other options available in the market.

If the weight doesn’t bother you, though, you will appreciate the inclusion of a power flush adapter compatible with a garden hose to make cleaning less cumbersome and the innovation of a reversible tip to combat clogging.


  • Ability to regulate paint flow by adjusting pressure
  • Suitability for any terrain
  • Compatibility with garden hoses for fast and effortless cleaning
  • Reversible tip and filter to combat clogging


  • Absence of wheels, which affects mobility and portability
  • Limited one-year warranty

Titan ControlMax 1700 PRO – Efficient And Durable

This product features a sprayer with a new tip, re-imagined using High-Efficiency Airless (HEA) Technology, capable of decreasing spray by as much as fifty-five percent. That is enormous control and consistency right there!

This makes for one highly efficient paint spray gun that will help you complete your particular project with a great degree of accuracy and quality. Customers new to painting have demonstrated a preference for this spray gun when it comes to indoor work they want to undertake by themselves. That is because it helps them paint their walls and ceilings effortlessly, leaving those surfaces looking like professional work.

Customers have also observed that the aforementioned control and consistency attributable to the softer spray remains unchanged when working with highly viscous water-soluble paints, such as acrylic latex paint. That means there is typically no need to thin the paint prior to spraying. You pour the paint into an easily replaceable fluid compartment, which ensures the sprayer’s longevity. Additionally, it comes with a storage area for tips and tools, a paint filter, and a capability to siphon directly out of a 1 or 5-gallon container. These features are what have earned this spray gun the third spot on our list.

  • Pros
  • Lasts up to three times longer than airless sprayers with similar features
  • Capable of reducing overspray by up to fifty-five percent
  • Ability to handle high viscosity paints without thinning
  • Longevity is ensured by the presence of a replaceable fluid section
  • Two-year limited warranty


  • Absence of wheels, which affects mobility and portability
  • Slight difficulty with priming

Graco 17M359 – Triple Piston Pump

One of the major things that make this spray gun distinct from the three airless sprayers we have discussed thus far is that, as the name suggests, it is a handheld spray gun. This makes it a perfect fit for domestic, small-scale projects, such as painting furniture, railings, doors, shutters, decks, and garage doors.

This sprayer, like the three above, however, is fully capable of handling high-viscosity paints, such as acrylic latex paint, without requiring thinning. One of the best features of the Ultra Corded 17M359 makes this possible: the Triax Triple Piston Pump. The tilt-and-spray pendulum suction tube, which equips the gun with the ability to spray sideways, upwards, and downwards, is another major selling point.

It is sufficiently light at approximately 8.9 pounds and its reverse-a-clean (RAC) switch tips get the job done nicely while making it quite convenient to clean whenever the machine gets clogged. Additionally, it features an on-the-job pump replacement system, Procontrol to help users adjust the spraying speed to a level they are comfortable with, and Smartcontrol, which affords users the ability to spray consistently without pressure fluctuations. All of this coupled with the fact that it can be taken in for servicing and repairs is why this spray gun makes the cut. Here are the pros and cons.


  • Triple piston pump means it can handle different coatings, including acrylics, latex, and stains without any difficulties
  • Full motion control for spraying sideways, downwards, and upwards
  • Light and portable for domestic paint jobs
  • Can be taken in for servicing and repairs


  • Ill-suited to larger projects
  • Pump is not as durable as larger spray guns

Wagner 0518080 – Adjustable Spray Fan Design

The first High Volume Low Pressure latex paint spray gun on our list is the Wagner Control Spray Max. HVLP stands for High Volume Low Pressure, which describes the manner in which a higher volume of air (measured in CFM or Cubic Foot Per Minute) is introduced to aerosolize and eject the paint you are using at a lower pressure.

HVLP spray guns allow you to reduce or increase both fluid volume and air volume, which means you will have superior control when spraying. If you are going for the efficiency of paint application to surfaces that aren’t flat, for instance, you will probably be served better by a HVLP spray gun.

A robust two-stage turbine engine powers this model, which is why it is great for both oil paints and water-soluble coatings, such as latex and acrylics. Another noteworthy feature is the Variable Air Pressure Control with which users can adjust the volume of air. This, when combined with the adjustment of the volume of fluid in the sprayer’s two cups, makes it a truly efficient paint spray gun as it will work without over spraying. One cup is a professional grade metal cup while the other is a larger one-and-a-half quart plastic cup.

On top of all this is the capability to adjust the spray fan to produce any one of three spray patterns. Weighing only 11.2 pounds, it is almost as portable as the handheld airless sprayer we just covered. When you factor in the 20-foot flex air hose, you are left with one sleek but powerful HVLP design that is perfect for many finishes.


  • Spray fan adjustment capability to produce three different spray patterns
  • Adjustable flow control and 20-foot long hose
  • Robust two-stage turbine engine suitable for oil paints, latex, and acrylics
  • Two spraying cups that are suitable for larger projects
  • Little to no over spraying means easy cleanup


  • May sputter paint
  • Hose deteriorates faster than other models

HomeRight C800766 Finish Max – Self-contained HVLP Spray Gun

The last paint spray gun on our list is devoid of air compressors and hoses, unlike all of the other spray guns we have considered. In that sense, it is a self-contained sprayer. This places it firmly in the do-it-yourself and home sprayer category. Its lightness (weighs only 2.76 pounds) means you will effortlessly complete painting cabinets, dressers, crafts, and furniture. With sufficient thinning, it could be adapted for spraying high-viscosity coatings, including latex.

This home sprayer has adjustable nozzle sizes and, like the Control Spray Max, is capable of producing three spray patterns. It is quite easy to set up and extremely portable since it is made of plastic.


  • Spray fan can be adjusted to produce three separate spray patterns
  • Light plastic build makes it convenient to use for home purposes


  • Can only spray latex paint after sufficient thinning
  • Susceptible to physical damage if not handle with care

How To Choose A Spray Gun For Latex Paint

What should you consider when choosing a latex spray gun? These three criteria should make your decision easier.


The six latex paint sprayers we outline above all vary in weight. It is quite obvious that the heavier the equipment, the better it is for industrial work on larger projects. The weight is mostly due to the material from which the sprayer is made. If you desire portability, you should probably go for equipment made of plastic since that is increasingly the trend. If you do stick with the metal sprayers, you should look for those with wheels. If you are looking to do home spray painting, then portability is best.

Regulation and Control

Regulation and control are two of the most indispensable features to watch for when choosing a latex paint spray gun. Easily changing spray patterns, thickness, and velocity is something both domestic and industrial painters love the most in popular spray guns on the market. It affords you convenience and versatility when working on different surfaces.


Another aspect to factor in when choosing spray guns either for home use or industrial use is the capacity of the cups or containers with which they are fitted, or the amount of paint that the sprayer can use at a time. Capacity could also refer to the recommended annual usage, which is measured in gallons. The higher the numbers, the better they are for large-scale projects.


We certainly hope you have benefited from this guide if you are considering any of the options we covered. Whether you are doing it yourself at home or preparing to work on some large-scale industrial paint job, latex paint and latex paint sprayers could be the way to go. All that you need to decide is which type of spray gun (HLVP or Airless) is best suited to your needs and, more importantly, your budget.

This guide will no doubt help you cut to the chase. It is always a satisfying and rewarding experience to order a product and find it working exactly as advertised. You now know what to look for if you value portability, powerful pumps, longevity, regulation, and control when working with latex, acrylics, and other coatings. If you need more information, you can make use of the links provided to read more reviews written by firsthand customers for each of the products on this list.

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